The day before yesterday, I used the dry morning for a 15km hike from Waiatt Bay to Newton Lake and Granite Bay. Great, and I got back only shortly after it started to rain. Yesterday was cold and wet, today the weather improved and tomorrow should be sunny again. I came around the north of Quadra Island today, this involves running two sets of tidal rapids: Osikollo Channel with Upper Rapids, which I took in the morning, then a nice long break at the Chained Island Group, and Seymour Narrows in the evening. All without any difficulties, though traffic in Seymour Narrows was heavy with cruise ships, fishing vessels and pleasure craft all trying to get through a narrow bit of water at the same time. As it is a new moon, the currents there are very strong, up to 15 knots (28 km/h), which leaves a time window of only minutes for slack for small boats like Ancient Murrelet to get through there. Now I am anchored in Gowlland Harbour, a well protected and rather scenic bay across from Campbell River.