A very early start today, as I had to traverse three sets of tidal rapids. Just before the first one, Yuculta, there were two humpback whales feeding, a mother and calf, but I was too busy with whirlpools to take a picture. In Gillard Passage there were sea lions but again I needed both hands to steer. Dent Rapids, the most difficult ones, I hit right at slack with perfect timing and shortly after there was a large pod of white sided dolphins, too fast for a picture. I stopped at Shoal Bay on East Thurlow Island and hiked up to an old gold mine, and the bluff close by was a perfect spot for lunch. The picture shows the view, the white blob is Ancient Murrelet. And then, Mark and Cynthia, who manage the place, have a pizza night to night. Great to recover from a strenuous day!