We are enjoying quiet days here on Mallorca, meeting only occasionally with friends in restaurants outdoors or on our patios. Today we hiked from the vinery Mortitx to a high plateau close to the ocean, ses Basses. The good path leads through olive groves and then along wild mountains and cliffs. The area is used as breeding ground by Black Vultures and closed from February to July to protect the birds. In November 2008 some Griffon Vultures were blown to Mallorca from the mainland and there are supposedly a few breeding pairs of those here as well.

Two years ago we were on this trail with some friends from Germany and Vancouver and decided to go down to the Mortitx Gorge. Unfortunately, there was too much water in it to go through to the gentle return path and we had to scramble up a steep mountain to get back. Today we bypassed this and enjoyed a nice lunch snack at the field at Ses Basses. The weather was perfect for hiking and we picked up some wine on the way back as well.

Water reservoir for Mortitx
You have to be able to fly to get to the top of that