I did spend the night at Sidney Spit, but the morning got rather bouncy. Yesterday, I went to Tod Inlet, which is totally protected.

Tod Inlet: http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=48.560022&lon=-123.470542

There was only one other boat with people on it there, but some teenagers came to the beach for a swim (water temperature right now is 9 degrees Celsius, not my cup of tea). This morning I left for Montague Harbour, a cold, bumpy and wet ride. I was glad to be inside, warm and cozy, but will have to clean the salt off the boat.

This afternoon the sun came out and it was warm enough to sit outside in a T shirt.

Montague Harbour: http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=48.897033&lon=-123.399655