Old Passage

The rain cleared and this afternoon the sun came out. I went along Fife Sound with a lot of white sided dolphins and now am anchored in Old Passage between Insect Island and Baker Island, where a pair of harbour porpoises welcomed me.


I paddled around Insect Island and maybe it got it’s name from the large horseflies that seem to live there. The trap had one large dungeness crab, which made a nice pasta dinner. During the day I encountered a few kayakers, most looking rather wet after the rain of the last few days, and I was grateful for Ancient Murrelet, with a hot shower, comfortable bed and good coffee.

Viner Sound, Gilford Island

Yesterday I stayed at Echo Bay Marina and today I came into Viner Sound, also on Guilford Island. It has been raining quite heavily all day, but tonight the weather improved. I took a tour on a paddle board, and tonight at high tide the kayak to the end of the sound, but didn’t find any bears. All the rain makes for gushing waterfalls though.

Leaving Echo Bay on a rainy summer day
and a well fed waterfall

Rainy Broughtons

I continue to cruise in the Broughton Islands, very picturesque with lots of quiet anchorages. The weather unfortunately continues to be cold and wet, which has not stopped me from hiking and kayaking. I have seen lots of dolphins and one bear.

Silver King Lake Picnic Area, one hour hike from Greenwood Sound (and in need of repair)

Carter Passage

Yesterday I spent a beautiful sunny afternoon kayaking around the Polkinghorne Islands and ate prawns for lunch (the trap was packed when I pulled it up in the morning).


In the late afternoon, I came into Carter Passage, which at the West end has a narrow entrance full of rocks, and also strong tidal currents. Today is real West Coast weather, rainy with low clouds. I guess the rain forest needs it. I plan to get dressed up and go kayaking anyhow.


Crease Island

Another ebb tide and I came further north into the archipelago. After a few hours stop at a tiny bay in the Plumber Islands (basically anchored in a tidal whirlpool, http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=50.593533&lon=-126.802860) I am now at Crease Island for the night. The weather was cool (15 deg) and windy today, but with enough sunshine to dry a load of laundry.


Blind Channel

I moved further north today, through three sets of tidal rapids: Yuculta, Gillard and Dent. These can only be navigated at slack water and get quite busy those short times (this short video shows what it looks like outside slack). A group of sea lions was watching the boats go by. Tonight I am staying in the Blind Channel Marina, a resort that was started by a German couple in the seventies and is still owned by the same family. Their restaurant is open and I have a reservation.

Sea lions watching the action at Gillard Passage
Blind Channel Resort