Tumbo and Cabbage Island

I left Vancouver early this morning and it was a perfect day to cruise the Strait of Georgia (in a power boat): no wind, no waves, sunshine and I encountered two groups of humpback whales. Now I am in the Southern Gulf Islands, in the park consisting of Tumbo and Cabbage Islands with a nice bay in between. I took a paddle board out for a long ride and am now enjoying the evening sun.



Cultus Lake

We came to Cultus Lake yesterday to join the retreat from our church, about 2 hours into the Fraser Valley from Vancouver. We had a little time to look at the lake and have dinner at the golf club before the program began. It is nice to spend the weekend with friends.

Vancouver in the rain

I brought the boat back to Vancouver for a week and yesterday we celebrated Sheila┬┤s mother birthday with the family on Ancient Murrelet. Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily, so we stayed at the dock and ate lots of food. Very nice to see everybody and we all had a good time anyhow.

Birthday party

Sheila’s friends

Sheila invited five of her friends from Vancouver to join us on the boat in Nanaimo today, and I invited one of the husbands to help me drive the boat. We took a tour of the Malaspinas Galleries and Snake Island, and then stopped at Newcastle Island. A group of otters welcomed us there, having lunch, as did we. It was a nice day and the weather was ideal.