East Frisia

We headed north and are spending a good week in East Frisia. The apartment we rent is in an old ferry house (renovated), and quite isolated. The ferry is hand operated by the user, carries people and bicycles across a small tidal canal in front of the house.

Handoperated bicycle ferry at our current residence

We are exploring the surrounding area and spent a nice day today on the island Norderney. The weather is cool, but today was sunny and I walked about 12km while Sheila was exploring the town of Norderney.

Along the North beach of Norderney
Lunch in a “Strandkorb” (beach chairs) after playing tourist


This week we are spending time in Freiburg, enjoying the car free inner city and excursions into the neighbouring areas. Yesterday we went into the Black Forest for a short hike and a long lunch. The weather was windy, cold and wet.

Black Forest on a cold day (and not a cake in sight)

Today the weather was much improved and we went to the Kaiserstuhl for a nice hike (and another lunch, this time outside in the sun). On the hike we passed an old castle that sits on a Roman fort built to defend the much fought over border between Romans and Alemanni in the third and fourth century AD.

Burkheim in the Kaiserstuhl
Burg Sponeck

Bad Vilbel

We are spending a few days in a nice apartment in Bad Vilbel close to Frankfurt. Sheila underwent some neck surgery in Frankfurt two days ago, it all went well and she is back in our place now. There are some nice walks to do here and a couple of good restaurants. Unfortunately, the weather turned rather cool and grey, real autumn.

Tief im Pfälzer Wald

After a second negative COVID Test we came to the Palatinate and are visiting my parents now. We are staying in a holiday home about 30 min drive away, deep in the woods. Andrea is staying in Siegelbach. Today we all met at our place for a nice lunch and a short walk up the creek behind our house. The creek is quite small, but was used to send logs down to the river Rhine up to about 100 years ago.

Our location is where the hiker is shown
Nice walk after lunch

Hiking in the Spessart

We have arrived in Germany and are staying in a little holiday flat in the Spessart, northeast of Frankfurt, but situated in Bavaria. Andrea joined us for a few days and we spend our time hiking and enjoying the local food. The weather is hot and sunny with cool nights, perfect. All of us got tested yesterday and are Covid free.

Walking in the German woods

A few days in Vancouver

I packed up the boating season early this year and came back to Vancouver a week ago. Sheila and I spent a lot of time visiting friends and family, and the last two days we enjoyed very colourful sunsets. Unfortunately, these are mostly due to smoke from wildfires south of the border drifting north, and the air quality is forecast to deteriorate quite badly. We will try to get to Europe tomorrow, will be interesting how flying works in these strange times.


Sunset at English Bay

Butchart Gardens

Yesterday, Sheila and Bernice flew into Ganges and joined me on Ancient Murrelet. Today we came into Tod Inlet, just around the corner from Butchart Gardens. We visited the gardens today and enjoyed a nice English Afternoon Tea. Tonight we plan a happy hour on Ancient Murrelet with friends, busy day.

Portland Island

I enjoyed walking on Sidney Spit, but because of wind and wave I had to move to Roberts Bay last evening, where I spent a quiet night.

Today I went to Portland Island, which also is a park. The trail around the island is a good 6km long, a nice walk with blackberry bushes and apple trees along the way. I am anchored in a tight little bay, amongst reefs and rocky islets, fun to explore with the paddle board.