Okeover Landing

I came into "town" today after quiet days in the idyllic anchorage. Not much of a town, a small harbour, about 5 houses, but a well known restaurant, the Laughing Oyster. Lunch was so good, I am going back for dinner.


Susan Islets

I moved on today, just around the corner and am anchored behind the Susan Islets where Theodosia Inlet branches off Lancelot Inlet, still in Desolation Sound Marine Park. Not much here, and certainly no Susan.

Desolation Sound

After a few very enjoyable days in the Harmony Islands, spent kayacking, paddle boarding and talking to the other occasional yachties stopping by, I moved on today. It was a rather long day, with a stop at Savary Island where I had never been. I took a long walk up and down the island and then went on to the Copeland Islands. Very pretty, but the best spots to anchor were already taken. Now I am in Grace Harbour, anchored at one of my favourite spots anywhere, in front of a steep, west facing cliff face, secured with a shore tie. I like this place because I can enjoy a wonderful sunset, and then the stone face radiates off the heat of the day for the evening.

Harmony Islands, Hotham Sound

I left Pender Harbour quite early this morning and continued north. I stopped for a visit at Harry Roberts’ cabin on Cape Cockburn for a visit as I had never been there before. Harry Roberts (1884-1979) was an important character in the development of the Sunshine Coast and is credited with inventing the name, though he blamed his grandmother for it. He built the cabin in 1938 and it is open today (see my picture below), situated on land that is owned by BC Hydro, the local power company, and managed by a caretaker family. Very interesting and a beautiful spot he named Sunray and he raised three children there.

Now I am anchored in the Harmony Islands Park, nobody else around. It is rather picturesque and there is a large waterfall close by. Unfortunately, my hunting was less successful as both the prawn and crab trap came up empty, and fishing by line is prohibited in this area. By the time I had figured out that the oysters here are safe to eat, the tide had come in far enough to cover a nice bed I had seen earlier. Well, there always is tomorrow. As I was sitting in the evening sun with a beer to console myself, waiting for my meat to defrost, a big blackbear came foraging to a beach near by and I watched that for 20 minutes. Very nice. And dinner was good too,

Pender Harbour

I came into Pender Harbour today to do three things: Shop for the next week, hike out to Francis Point and have lunch in the Grasshopper Pub. The Pub was destroyed in a fire five years ago and it took a few years to rebuild. It is a steep climb uphill from their dock, but the views from there are great. The picture is looking over to Garden Bay, where I am anchored. I am happy to report that the lunch was good and all else was accomplished as well.

Secret Cove

I enjoyed Smuggler Cove, and my mother is doing well. Today I anchored during the day in Buccaneer Bay between South and North Thormanby Islands. There is a nice sandy beach there and I took a long walk at low tide. The bay is only ok in some winds, and as the wind is going to shift tonight, I moved into Secret Cove Marina. This is a cute little place, not much going on yet.

Sargeant Bay, Sunshine Coast

Another hot and sunny day, up to 25 deg today. I moved a little further up the coast to Sargeant Bay, where I had never anchored before. There is a provincial park there and I hiked 10 km in shaded woods to Triangular Lake. The trails are well maintained and there was no windfall to crawl over or under. Deep in the woods a black bear cub peaked at me from a bluff, but disappeared very quickly. I did not follow to look for the mother.

Lost Lake, Gambier Island

After a nice long ride on my paddle board this morning, I moved one bay over on Gambier Island and am anchored now in Port Graves. In the afternoon I hiked to Lost Lake, less strenuous than yesterday: 8km, 250m altitude gain and 3 hours. There are still some visible effects from the logging that took place here one hundred years ago, but most is just untouched forest.