Winter again

The weather has been quite cool and wet in Heidelberg last week, we spent it mostly visiting with friends. We have enough furniture now that our place is quite comfortable. This morning there was snow outside, but this week it is supposed to get warmer.

Andrea is visiting us (and her friend from primary school around the corner), but unfortunately hurt her knee in a skiing accident and is limping a bit.

Nice days in Heidelberg

The weather has been great the last 10 days, sunshine during the day with the top temperature up to 12 degrees (14 on our South balcony). The nights are chilly with some frost, but the afternoons are great for walking in the woods behind Handschuhsheim. Today I walked 10km, up the Mühlbach (past the Buchbrunnen from 1701), through the woods above Dossenheim and back.


We are spending a week in Tenerife, the warmth and sunshine feel great after the cold weather in Germany. Jessica with family and Ulrike joined us. The ocean is rather chilly, which doesn’t deter anyone other than me, but the pool and jacuzzi are nice and warm. The grandkids love starting and ending the day with a hot soak, as do Sheila and I.

Back in the sunshine

The sun came back this week and we are enjoying fine spring weather. The snow on the mountains has almost melted. This Saturday we plan to fly back to Germany and are packing and distributing all our stuff here as we have no current plans to return to the flat in Port Pollenca. The many winters we spent here were very nice.

Sant Antoni

The North and East of Mallorca celebrate Sant Antoni every year on 16 and 17 January. This is a very local party, with bonfires lit in many places in town on the evening of the 16th. The neighbourhoods meet around barbecues that the city or local businesses erect close to the fires. The party then goes on all night with loud music and fireworks. On the 17th animals are blessed in the front of the church and later in the day, the youths show their mettle by climbing up a 25m high pine tree that is coated in soap. This year the weather was very windy, but that did not inhibit anybody..

Back in Mallorca

We had a great time with the family over Christmas, and flew back to Mallorca yesterday. In the evening we met friends from our time in Canterbury for dinner, and it was great catching up after the hiatus caused by Covid. The weather is sunny and warm.


Sunrise in Port Pollenca