Mallorca on a windy day

Yesterday we celebrated Siegfried’s birthday, very nice. Over night the northerly wind picked up and now it is blowing a proper gale, with gusts that probably exceed 40 knots. We went to Cala Sant Vicenç to watch the waves crashing into shore, but it was difficult to stand in the wind.


We came to Mallorca a few days ago, with my parents and Ulrike. Andrea met us at the airport and today Jessica and her family joined us. Of course (almost) everyone had to go for a swim in the ocean. The weather is a bit cool and windy, but good enough to spend time on the beach and enjoy icecream in the evening.


We spent Wednesday afternoon in the warm water of the Blue Lagoon in the South of Iceland, wonderful! Then we flew to Munich yesterday and spent a nice evening in Garching. Today we are taking the train to Kaiserslautern. It is much warmer here than it was in Iceland.


We came into Iceland yesterday morning and spent a couple of hours walking around Reykjavik. Later we drove to Nesjavellier, where we are staying in a very nice hotel. In the afternoon we hiked around the area (8 km), which has a lot of hot water gushing out. There is a thermal plant there as well. The pool at the hotel is a pleasant 38 degrees, feels good after walking a lot.

Today we drove the Golden Circle and hiked in Thingvellier (8.5 km). Wonderful landscape, and the weather was nice and sunny for most of the day. We had to scrape the ice of the car windows this morning though, and the maximum temperature today was 6 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, we have winter clothing with us.

View towards our hotel in Nesjavellier
Hot water everywhere, but cold wind
Hiking in Thingvellier was great


We are spending a day in Toronto, not having been here for over 40 years. It was very interesting to walk around the city. The weather is quite warm and humid, but it didn’t rain.


The CN Tower disappeared in clouds


We are both in Vancouver, the boat is tucked away for the winter. We keep busy visiting friends and preparing for our travels, still rather complicated. I also have a couple of business meetings, but took two hours off this morning to enjoy the nice weather and walk around Stanley Park.