Matilpi Anchorage

A long trip today, all the way into the Broughtons. The day started with enough frost on the paddle board that I could form a snowball.

A cold start to the day

The day itself was beautiful and sunny, but not warm. The trip up Johnstone Strait was a bit bouncy, as it often is. Tonight I am in a well protected and very beautiful anchorage.

Matilpi Anchorage

Blind Channel

It was a long trip today, through three sets of tidal rapids and tonight I am in Blind Channel, a nice resort and marina run by a German family for three generations now. This far north, there is not that much going on yet, but the sea lion colony in Gillard Passage watched with interest whether I was managing to get through there alright (I did).

Sea lions in Gillard Passage
Blind Channel Marina on a quiet day