We have left the city and are in the Hunter Valley now for a few quiet days. The forecast is for very hot weather, but we are based in a lovely rustic cabin in the trees.


Tourist day

After two days of meeting friends here in Sydney, we played tourists today and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Great fun, but as many things here, a bit pricey. The views from the top were very impressive and as the weather is unseasonably cold (22 deg Celsius), the exercise was quite pleasant.

Bondi Beach

Fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration at Bennelongs in the Opera House last night: Excellent food with good wines (including a Pfälzer Riesling), and then of course the amazing fireworks at 9pm and midnight.

Today we enjoyed a quiet day at Bondi Beach.

Sydney, Australia

We arrived in Sydney today after a 15 hour flight from Vancouver, and it is Friday evening here already. Somehow we managed to miss December 28. The weather here is hot and sunny, great to be back. We already enjoyed the local seafood and beer, and look forward to spending a week here.

Noch ein wenig Sonne

Letzte Nacht und heute früh war es stürmig, mit starkem Regen und Gewittern. Jetzt scheint wieder die Sonne und es ist fast windstill. Es ist auch warm genug um im T-Shirt auf der Terrasse des Restaurants Stay zu sitzen (und das kalte Bier hat auch gut geschmeckt).  Noch zwei Tage kann ich das schöne Wetter genießen, dann mache ich mich auf den Weg zurück nach Vancouver.