Out again

Canada requires returning residents to quarantine for 14 days, we finished this time today and were allowed out of our apartment again. This morning we walked around the seawall and in Stanley Park, this evening we went snowshoeing on Cypress Mountain. There is a lit up trail for night skiing there, a real winter wonderland. It felt great being out again, and after 24,000 steps we are tired now.

Back in Vancouver

I made it through the quarantine in Germany, spend some time with Sheila and my parents there (distanced until I had another negative test), and we returned to Vancouver together. We have to spend another 14 days in quarantine here (the picture is taken from the internet). We have to stay in our apartment, but have organized delivery of food, wine and internet. The weather is cold and mostly cloudy or rainy, so we should be fine. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be May or June until we can get our vaccination here, but we are glad to be back anyhow.

Sunshine again

We got the nice weather back and today I had lunch with friends on the patio in the sun, it was about 22 degrees Celsius. Sheila is in Germany and made it through a second neck operation, doing very well. Because her surgery was put forward, I missed it and travelling is a little difficult right now. I have packed up the flat here in Mallorca though, and plan to join Sheila on Sunday. I will have to observe a quarantine time in Germany of at least 5 days. We will see what happens.


Usually early January is sunny and mild in Mallorca. Not this year: The last few days have been cold, wet and windy. There is snow on the mountain tops and Puig Tomir is visible from the beach. Fortunately, there are usually a couple of hours of sunshine each day and I can go for walks. Sheila is in Germany for some unavoidable appointments, and helping my parents. My mother spent Christmas in hospital, but is home now and recovering well.

Cap Formentor

A beautiful sunny day and we drove out to Cap Formentor. The landscape and cliffs are very impressive, but unfortunately the cafeteria at the lighthouse, which has excellent cakes, was closed. Now we are spending a sunny day on our patio, safely distanced from all.

Isolated golf

We are still in a state of very much reduced social contacts, only meeting friends occasionally outside. I play golf once or twice a week, but go early when the course is very empty and play by myself. Still fun on a sunny morning, but we look forward to vaccination and a return to normal.

An empty golf course on a nice morning