Campbell River, BC

I came into Campbell River today, where I will leave the boat for two weeks. The day was busy with maintenance tasks and a trip to the chandlery. While it was still sunny, the strong wind made it quite cool.


Gowlland Harbour

The night at Rebecca Spit was nice and quiet, but for tonight the forecast is for strong winds. I came into Gowlland Harbour, close to Campbell River. This is very protected, pretty and has lots of seals, eagles and harbour porpoises. On the way I saw a small group of humpback whales. The weather continues to be hot and sunny and I spent the afternoon on the Hobie kayak.

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island

Wolfgang left yesterday morning, Sheila in the evening, and today I headed north. It was a very hot and sunny day, with a fair bit of wind. I stopped at Mitlenach Island, a marine park in the middle of the Strait of Georgia. On the way I saw a small pod of orcas, but did not get a good picture. Very noisy sea lions welcomed me at the island, the park wardens were very friendly and the seagulls worked hard at being noisier than the sea lions. It all smelled a bit fishy too. I walked around the island, which was great. The anchorage there is only good in certain conditions, holds only a boat or two, and this is the first time it all worked out for me. Fantastic!

Welcoming committee of sea lions
The outhouse did not smell

After lunch I continued on to Drew Harbour on Quadra Island and now am anchored behind Rebecca Spit. It is so hot here that quite a few people went swimming, but not me.

Ancient Murrelet behind Rebecca Spit

An active day

The rain turned out to be only a bit of drizzle, but the forecast was for a Qualicum wind, which makes Tribune Bay very uncomfortable or even dangerous.

The UBC website on this describes Qualicum wind as a unique local wind system that forms when a high pressure ridge sits on the west side of Vancouver Island, a southwesterly inflow funnels through Port Alberni Inlet, across the island through a gap in the mountains, finally emerging as strong outflow winds into the Strait of Georgia. These outflow winds have sometimes torn apart the log booms pulled by tugboats down the Georgia Strait, when the tugs travel through the Qualicum outflow winds.

So I left Tribune Bay and docked at the Denman Island Public Dock to go hiking (9km) and enjoy lunch at a quirky bistro there.

Earth Club Factory Bistro

I then anchored for a couple of hours next to Sandy Island, one of the nicest beaches in BC. It was overcast, but paddling around it was still fun, another two hours of exercise. Now I am anchored again at Henry Bay for the night, recovering from the strenuous activities.

Henry Bay, Denman Island

Powell River mit Sheila

Gestern ist Sheila eingeflogen gekommen und wir waren in der Laughing Oyster gut essen. Heute früh sind wir 13 km um den Inland Lake gewandert und waren wieder gut essen. Heute abend haben wir Karten fürs Theater hier, Grant Lawrence and Friends. Morgen fliegt Sheila wieder nach Vancouver um die Renovierung unseres Badezimmers zu beaufsichtigen. Das Wetter ist weiterhin heiss und sonnig.

Inland Lake near Powell River
Unsere Tour ist der gelbe Strich