Quadra Island

The day before yesterday, I used the dry morning for a 15km hike from Waiatt Bay to Newton Lake and Granite Bay. Great, and I got back only shortly after it started to rain. Yesterday was cold and wet, today the weather improved and tomorrow should be sunny again. I came around the north of Quadra Island today, this involves running two sets of tidal rapids: Osikollo Channel with Upper Rapids, which I took in the morning, then a nice long break at the Chained Island Group, and Seymour Narrows in the evening. All without any difficulties, though traffic in Seymour Narrows was heavy with cruise ships, fishing vessels and pleasure craft all trying to get through a narrow bit of water at the same time. As it is a new moon, the currents there are very strong, up to 15 knots (28 km/h), which leaves a time window of only minutes for slack for small boats like Ancient Murrelet to get through there. Now I am anchored in Gowlland Harbour, a well protected and rather scenic bay across from Campbell River.


Waiatt Bay and Octopus Island Park

I left Drew Harbour today after enjoying a nice Sunday roast at the Heriot Bay Hotel yesterday. Today was sunny, but still fairly cool. The next two days are supposed to be wet and cold again, before summer returns. I am anchored in Waiatt Bay now, and there is a surprising large number of boats in here for the time of year.

My location: http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=50.263932&lon=-125.252205

Drew Harbour

After a few very windy days, today is calmer but the morning was still cold and very wet. This afternoon the rain stopped and I am anchored now in Drew Harbour behind Rebecca Spit. I saw humpback whales on the way, too rainy for a picture, and then again from the beach when I went for a walk. Hopefully the weather will continue to improve over the next few days.

Gorge Harbour, Cortes Island

I enjoyed my quiet days in Von Donop Inlet, but did not see any wolves. Today an emergency loomed as I seem to be running low on red wine. I came into Gorge Harbour to re-provision, and on the way stopped to observe two humpback whales feeding, looked like a mother with calf. Unfortunately, it was rather windy and bouncy, so the pictures did not turn out very well and as it was a small calf, I stayed well away.

Prideaux Haven

I am in the heart of Desolation Sound now, anchored in Prideaux Haven. I spent the afternoon in the kayak and for a long time watched a young blackbear eating oysters at low tide. I noticed that it was sniffing the oyster carefully and only eating a few selected ones. When I was in the Harmony Islands, I ate about 40 oysters one sunny afternoon, and had a bit of an upset stomach and intestines the next morning. I had thought it was because I just ate too many, but maybe bears know more about oysters than I do? Unfortunately, I did not have my phone with me when I encountered the bear, so all you get is yet another picture of the beautiful scenery on another sunny day.

Squirrel Cove

After my short and nice stay in Okeover, I came into Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island today. This island has a wolves problem and a few years ago I saw a pack on the beach shown in the picture. I am the only boat in the bay, very unusual as this is a very popular place. That much more reason to keep a close eye on those wolves.