More swimmers

Andrea is visiting us this weekend, the weather continues to be quite nice, albeit a bit chilly in the mornings. This did not deter Sheila and Andrea to go for a brief swim today. Now it is off to a hike to warm up again.

A day around Lluc

Klaus and Ulrike are visiting us this week, and the weather has been fantastic. Sheila and Ulrike took a hike around Lluc today with a neighbour of ours, and Klaus and I met them at the monastery for a nice, long and very filling lunch afterwards. The lunch was so strenuous that Klaus had to go for a swim afterwards, the others abstained as the water temperature right now is only 16 degrees Celsius.


The camel formation close to Lluc Monastery
Klaus cooling off after a very exhausting lunch

Christmas on Zoom again

We came to Germany to celebrate Christmas with the family. Unfortunately the Omikron variant is making life difficult. The children and grandchildren are not allowed to travel from the UK to Germany as of tomorrow, and travel from the US is also uncertain. We rented an apartment in Siegelbach with 5 bedrooms and a very large dining table, which seems a bit empty now. Fortunately, there should be enough local relatives to fill all the seats at the table, and celebrate on Zoom with the others. Like every year?

Bernice Snook, 1928 – 2021

Sadly, after a very short illness, Sheila´s 93-year-old mother died of cancer on 9th December. She spent the final week of her life in a hospice, where she received kind and gentle care. Both of her brothers, our sister-in-law, and two grandchildren were with Mom when she passed away. Sheila was able to speak to her by phone a couple of hours before she passed, as were our daughters. Mom was too weak to speak, but Sheila´s brother told us that she smiled as we were speaking to her.


We returned to Mallorca and my recovery is progressing well. I walk about 10,000 steps a day, but am not allowed to drive or lift anything heavy, so Sheila is busy supporting me. Next week I plan to add physiotherapy to my rehabilitation program. The weather has been mixed, but today we are enjoying brilliant sunshine and more than 20 degrees on our patio.


Sheila and I spent the last 10 days in Hamburg as I had to undergo some cancer surgery at the Martini Klinik here. It all went well, but I will take a few weeks to recover fully. For the anaesthesia I had to shave my beard, which is growing back nicely. From all we know, the stuff the surgeon took out is fortunately very unlikely to grow back.

The weather has been cold, grey and wet. Today it got quite windy. Both of us look forward to going back to Mallorca tomorrow to enjoy some sunshine.

Rain and sunshine

We have had a week of stormy and rainy weather here in Mallorca, but today the sun came back out. Sheila and I went for a long walk along along the beach and around the harbour, very enjoyable! Unfortunately, for tomorrow the forecast is for more rain, great for the water reservoirs that have risen by about 6 meters.