We have moved on after a week in our idyllic beach cottage. Tonight we are staying at the West end of Eden (no James Dean here either), in a very cute, historic B&B. Across the bay is a large mussel operation, a dinner reservation has been made and I know what I am having. The weather turned very hot, but the patio is shaded and breezy. Should be a great evening.


Murramarang Park

We are still at Depot Beach, enjoying our little cottage. The weather is quite cool and windy, 18 to 24 deg Celsius. Not so great for swimming, but ideal for hiking and exploring. Yesterday we "climbed" Mount Durras, 280m high, fantastic 10km hike. Today we went for shopping and lunch to the local town, Batesman Bay.

Depot Beach, NSW

Wir haben unseren Laden verlassen (niemand kam zum Kaufen) und sind jetzt wieder in einer Hütte am Strand im Nationalpark bei Depot Beach. Wunderschön hier, und um uns herum sind Vögel, Strand, und Kängaruhs. Wir wollen hier eine Woche mit Schwimmen, Strandlaufen und Wandern verbringen.

Jervis Bay

We have moved a little bit further south, to Jervis Bay. This is a large, protected bay with calm waters and white, sandy beaches. The locals call it the whitest sand in the World. We have seen similar white, powdery beaches on the Isle de Pins in New Caledonia, there the locals said that the sand is the digestiv remnants from fish that eat hard coral. I have not yet found out what made the local beaches here. They are wonderful to walk along at any rate and the water is calm and warm.

We are staying in a cottage in the woods close by, the theme for the cottages here is a village consisting of a school, bank, post office, and general store, which we inhabit. Hope nobody is going to knock on our door in the middle of the night to get a pint of milk.


Heute sind wir früh wach geworden, Andrea hat sich den Knöchel gebrochen und wir haben mit England telefoniert. Es geht ihr gut, aber sie wird in den nächsten 6 Wochen wenig unternehmen können. Wir sind dann nach Wollongong an der Südküste gefahren, durch den wunderschönen Royal National Park. Nach über 40 Grad in den letzten Tagen sind es jetzt nur noch gut 20 Grad, sehr angenehm auch ohne air condition.

Tourist day

After two days of meeting friends here in Sydney, we played tourists today and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Great fun, but as many things here, a bit pricey. The views from the top were very impressive and as the weather is unseasonably cold (22 deg Celsius), the exercise was quite pleasant.

Bondi Beach

Fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration at Bennelongs in the Opera House last night: Excellent food with good wines (including a Pfälzer Riesling), and then of course the amazing fireworks at 9pm and midnight.

Today we enjoyed a quiet day at Bondi Beach.