On Ancient Murrelet

We are on the boat for two days and everybody is enjoying the hot weather and ocean. The bubble bath at night in our jacuzzi on board is also a great hit. Yesterday, we came into Pirates’ Cove, which features a real pirates treasure chest. Kind members of a local yacht club keep it filled with treasures, and the kids picked a few choice items. All the kayaks and paddle boards are in constant use. Today we are heading back.


Busy day

Alistair joined us on Saturday, and for whatever reason, he doesn’t suffer from jet lag. Today we left early for an excursion to Capilano Suspension Bridge, which was great fun. Then we had a picnic lunch in a park close by, where Oliver discovered a nice swimming hole in the stream running through the park. We others found the water a little chilly. This was followed by a few hours at Third Beach and a hamburger dinner, and Bernice joined us for that. Now everybody is very tired and we hope the kids fall asleep soon so we can also go to bed.


I brought the boat back to Vancouver and we are busy running errands and preparing for the next sets of visitors. In the summer, there are three weeks of free concerts at the local CBC building, and today Sheila and I met there to take a break, listen to some nice Latin jazz in the sun and grab lunch. Now it is back to the grindstone.