I came into Nanaimo today, started early as it was a 50 nautical mile trip. I only saw one humpback whale on the way. The afternoon I was busy with boat chores. It is a public holiday today in BC and the waterfront is very busy. Despite this, most restaurants are closed as it is a Monday, and the ones that are open have very long wait times. So I cooked my own seafood risotto and am enjoying a gin and tonic while it cooks away. The weather continues to be hot and sunny.

Henry Bay

I continued going South today and saw 5 different groups of humpback whales while underway in the Strait of Georgia, but didn’t manage to get many nice pictures. Tonight I am staying in Henry Bay off Denman Island. There is some smoke from the many forest fires obscuring the sun, but it is still quite hot and I went for a long swim. The smoke is forecast to be blown back East again tomorrow.

Our friends from Blue Yonder are here as well and we plan to have dinner together.

Only worthwhile picture from seeing quite a large number of whales

Waiatt Bay and Open Bay

I spent three days in Waiatt Bay, removed from all but the occasional Iridium signal. I hiked up to Newton Lake one morning (early), swam there and the other days kayaked around Waiatt and the Octopus Islands. I swam around the boat every day because the weather was very hot. Afternoons were lazy seeking shade in 30 plus degrees. Reminded me of the summers in the Med..

Waiatt Bay:
Open Bay:

Anchored close to afternoon shade in Waiatt Bay
Up the hill at Newton Lake for a morning swim
Open Bay on Quadra Island

Back in Prideaux

I came back into Prideaux Haven today, which is very busy with over 50 boats in the main basin. Friends from Fan Tan helped me with the shore line and invited me to their boat for a cup of coffee. Great welcome! The afternoon I went kayaking around the harbour and swam around the boat. The weather continues to be hot and sunny.

My view from the foredeck

Refuge and Squirrel Cove

We pulled into Refuge Cove this morning to do some shopping, get rid of garbage from the last four weeks (Dave runs a barge from there, charges a fee but very welcome service!), and to do some internet stuff. Sheila flew back to Vancouver in the afternoon and I went to Squirrel Cove to do some boat work for the next few days.