Prideaux Haven and Squirrel Cove

Yesterday we spent in Prideaux Haven and did another strenuous 4 hour hike from Melanie Cove to Tenedos Bay. We stopped at Unwin Lake for a freshwater swim. The night was very windy and there were a few showers. This afternoon we came into Squirrel Cove and the sun came out again. On the way we saw some orcas, but they were quite far away.

Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island


Toba Wilderness Marina

After our strenuous day yesterday we all slept very well. Today we came to Toba Inlet, saw humpback whales on the way. The afternoon we hiked behind the marina with a couple of nice viewpoints. The weather was mostly sunny,but a little cooler than last week.

Waiatt Bay

Yesterday I came to Waiatt Bay and in the afternoon Sheila, Corne and Wolfgang flew in from Vancouver by floatplane. Today we kayaked and hiked up to Newton Lake for a good fresh water swim. Energised, we walked to Granite Bay and then back to the dinghy, a total of 16 km. Sheila and Corne went for another swim in the ocean, but Wolfgang and I just cooled our sore feet. Now everybody is quite tired and it will be an early night.

Rebecca Spit

I enjoyed some nice days in Prideaux Haven, visiting friends, hiking and cleaning the boat. I even went for a swim in the ocean after a hike yesterday. Today, I came to Taku Marina in Drew Harbour across from Rebecca Spit. This is a good place to do the provisioning for next week and I had a busy day. It was sunny most of the day, 26 degrees and quite windy. On the way in I saw some humpback whales, who seem to like this area.

Rebecca Spit

Von Donop Inlet, Cortes Island

I had a great time with our friends Graham and Peggy in Waiatt Bay, but today we moved on. They started heading back to Vancouver and I came into Von Donop Inlet on Cortes Island. On the way I saw a group of humpback whales breaching and performing all kinds of antics, but by the time I got close enough for pictures, they had gone back to feeding. There are still a lot of boats around, most are on their way South though.

Von Donop


We are enjoying our time with the family in Germany, but took a break this weekend to go on a cruise from Hamburg to Heligoland. We walked around the island this afternoon, looked at the famous rock “Lange Anna”, which now houses a colony of Eurasian gannets. The evening there was a “Pappboot” regatta, youngsters in boats built of paper and glue only. Some even made it all the way around the course of about 200m.

Lange Anna
Eurasian gannet with chick
paper boat in harbour