Siegelbach und Eltville

Wir waren kurz in Siegelbach und haben das schöne Wetter und die Zeit mit der Familie sehr genossen. Gestern sind wir nach Eltville gekommen und ich habe meinen Vortrag über Moral in Frankfurt gehalten. Heute fliegen wir nach Costa Rica.

Eltville am Rhein


We continued our travels with a short trip to Faversham in Kent, where we visited dear friends from our time in Canterbury. This morning we enjoyed a long walk through the marshes along the river.

Bad Schönborn

We spent this week in Bad Schönborn, close to Heidelberg and met with many friends. The weather was nice for a few days and the area offers great walks. Sheila is working on her theology course, and I am preparing a talk. Germany has such full employment that the sugar in a cafe carries job ads.

Job ad on sugar package

Long hike with lots of wind

Val took Maike, Sheila and me on a long hike yesterday across the Mola d´ Esclop. It was very windy again and quite cold. The area suffered a large forest fire a few years ago and while it has become green again, there was a lot of windfall from old burned tress that blocked some of the path. The landscape is very dramatic and we have up to now not hiked much in the southern part of the island, so this was great.

Our hike is the blue line
Mola d´Esclop on a windy day

A great hike!

Ulrike, Sheila and I left before 9am this morning and went to Lluc to hike up to the Coll de Prat. The weather was nice and sunny, but above 900 m there was snow and ice. The pass is 1,200m high and there was a bitter cold wind. The views were outstanding and after a 15km hike a beer in the sun tasted very good.

Son Real

Sheila came back yesterday and today we joined a German group for a hike to the necropolis at the public estate Son Real. This is not far from us, but we had never been there. For many centuries, the necropolis was the grave yard for the upper classes on the island, today there are empty graves with a view. The weather was great, and of course we went for a long lunch afterwards.

Necropolis at Son Real