We came to Zurich yesterday to celebrate a wedding anniversary with friends. We stayed in a 600 year old inn, but had an excellent modern dinner and a quiet night. The party was on the car deck of a ferry on Lake Zurich, with great food and music, lots of dancing and meeting old and new friends. The weather was cold, windy and wet in the morning, in the afternoon the sun came out. We had a great day!

A quiet night in a 600 year old building
Dancing in the rain on a ferry, a first for us!
The sun came out in the evening


We are spending time in Heidelberg, staying at houses of various friends. We found a two bedroom apartment to rent from next week on, close to where we lived in the early 90s with the kids. This week Sheila is in Manchester, I am dealing with medical stuff. The weather is beautiful and sunny during the day but quite chilly at night.


We have arrived in Germany and are spending the night in Wiesbaden. In front of our hotel balcony is a plane tree with over 100 parakeets roosting and a plaza with some jazz musicians playing very nicely. Sheila is convinced that the parakeets try to join the music, unfortunately I can’t post a video. The sound is absolutely amazing.