Indian Arm

We are enjoying days of warm spring weather with sunshine and a temperature above 20 degrees. I came into Bedwell Bay in Indian Arm on Ancient Murrelet yesterday. Unfortunately, Sheila had to stay in Vancouver due to prior commitments.

On the way in I set the prawn and crab trap and while there were no prawns this morning, I enjoyed a 3 lbs Dungeness crab as a second breakfast. I spent the rest of the day hiking in Belcarra Park, over 13 km with quite a bit of up and down. Now it is time for a hot shower and a cold beer.

Bedwell Bay in Indian Arm
A nice catch in the morning
A strenuous day of hiking

Sunny days

The weather is still cool, but we are having a week of bright sunshine. This morning I walked 20 minutes along the beach, took the ferry to Granville Island and picked up fresh pasta and seafood for lunch. I had to cook on the boat as the flat was being cleaned. Sheila and I enjoyed our lunch.

Coal Harbour

Yesterday got very windy and in the evening a veritable gale moved through False Creek with gusts up to 45 knots. Some friends visited in the afternoon ( we sat in the flybridge with open windows), but they were safely back on shore when the weather got wild. Our anchor held well and by midnight everything was quiet again and we got some good sleep.

Today we came around Stanley Park and are tied up in Coal Harbour now, where the boat will stay for a while. It is a short walk to our flat, perfect for setting the boat up for the summer, though we do not know when we can leave or where we will be able to go. We are still waiting for the Covid vaccine.

Montague Harbour

I did spend the night at Sidney Spit, but the morning got rather bouncy. Yesterday, I went to Tod Inlet, which is totally protected.

Tod Inlet:

There was only one other boat with people on it there, but some teenagers came to the beach for a swim (water temperature right now is 9 degrees Celsius, not my cup of tea). This morning I left for Montague Harbour, a cold, bumpy and wet ride. I was glad to be inside, warm and cozy, but will have to clean the salt off the boat.

This afternoon the sun came out and it was warm enough to sit outside in a T shirt.

Montague Harbour: