Potts Lagoon

Just a short trip today, to a very sheltered and pretty anchorage, Potts Lagoon. This is also very popular, especially today as there are strong winds outside. I came early, kayaked around the lagoon itself at high tide and watched a black bear on the beach behind the green floathome at low tide. The weather is cool and misty in the mornings, with warm sunshine in the afternoon.


Sargeaunt Passage

I enjoyed a very smooth passage in Johnstone Strait, stopped for a few hours at Matilpi (http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=50.558997&lon=-126.188457) and spent the night in Sargeaunt Passage, off Knight Inlet. Very remote and scenic. There is an old logging road there that I always wanted to walk along, but it was too overgrown and there were piles of bear scat every few meters. In the evening I saw a black bear on the beach.

Sargeaunt Passage: http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=50.692470&lon=-126.198033

Von Donop Inlet

I enjoyed the few days in Vancouver with Sheila, but returned to Powell River yesterday. Sheila is getting her second Covid vaccination this week, so is staying in Vancouver. Since yesterday, the province of British Columbia allows leisure travel all across the province, and promptly the summer weather returned. I came into Von Donop Inlet on Cortes Island today. When I walked by the bay last week, there were no boats in it, today I counted 19 at anchor. Probably because of both, the nice weather and the lifting of restrictions. I plan to continue North and look forward to some hot and sunny days.


Prideaux Haven

I came to the limit of our health area, this is as far as I am allowed to travel until June 15. Prideaux Haven (http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=50.140952&lon=-124.689217), where I am anchored for a couple of days, is usually very busy, but not right now. The weather is very hot (26 degrees Celsius today) and sunny, but at 18 deg the water is still a little too cold for me to go swimming. The paddle boards and kayaks keep me busy though.