Blind Channel

I moved further north today, through three sets of tidal rapids: Yuculta, Gillard and Dent. These can only be navigated at slack water and get quite busy those short times (this short video shows what it looks like outside slack). A group of sea lions was watching the boats go by. Tonight I am staying in the Blind Channel Marina, a resort that was started by a German couple in the seventies and is still owned by the same family. Their restaurant is open and I have a reservation.

Sea lions watching the action at Gillard Passage
Blind Channel Resort

Back in Campbell River

We went to Mitlenatch Island yesterday, a bird sanctuary with lots of seals around. Usually there are some sea lions in the area too, but we did not see any. Some humpback whales were on their way though and very much fun to watch. In the evening we came back into Campbell River and went out for a nice dinner in the Harbour Grill.

Gorge Harbour

We stayed in Prideaux Haven last night and walked from Melanie Cove to Unwin Lake. Sally went for a swim, we all enjoyed the walk (5 hours). Tonight we came into Gorge Harbour, saw a group of humpback whales jumping high on the way and enjoyed soaking in the hot tub.

Crossing a creek on the way back

Campbell River

I spent a night in Gorge Harbour, which many readers will know from flying into or out of. My friends were there and we spent a nice dinner together. Today I came into Campbell River, time to clean the boat and get new provisions, Sheila is coming with some friends from Vancouver tomorrow.

Hiking on Cortes

I wanted to go to see Wiley Lake today, from where I am anchored. This turned into a 6 hour strenuous hike of more than 14 km, hard work because of all the windfallen trees when going around Von Donop Lagoon. I spent a lot of time crawling under or over trees. There is a well maintained trail of 1 km length to the lake from the anchorage at the entry to the lagoon, I think next time I want to see the lake I will start there. Now I am happily back at my little cove, recovering from the adventure.